"...if not exactly a thing of beauty, certainly a joy forever."

Roses Red, Violets Blue
— Hi, yes, I see your questions,

and since I’m tired of answering the same ones, I’ll eventually make an “about me,” but for now:

Yes, I’m Indian. No, I’m not married. Yes, I’ve been with my partner for two years. Yes, he’s White. No, we’re not getting married (We’re both in college and plan to go to graduate school). No, I’m not anything but Indian— born there and everything. No, I do not live in India now. Yes, I live in the US. Yes, I’m Hindu. No, it has nothing to do with a cow-lord (What in the hell does that even mean? Stop talking, whoever you are. Yes, I mean forever).

<3 Moh

— With all these new followers,

I guess I should write a new update. :)

I’m a writer, activist, and college student in Chicago. I work at my college and for One Chicago, One Nation (reppin’ interfaith, whaaaat), and I love it. If you’re around the Illinois Institute of Technology this spring, check out Shimer College and IIT’s joint campaign, </ end hate >. We’ll be putting on some dinners, service learning projects, and giving out free food! You might see some pictures of this girl or this boy on this blog: that’s my little sister and my tall boyfriend. Speaking of whom, Alex and I have been dating eight months. He’s going to Columbia College Chicago next year, and I’m hyyyyyped. That’s the basic run-down on who I am. For a better idea of what I’ll be putting on your dashboard, check the About on my tumblr. Thanks for following!


— Twelve

I’m not really sure where I found out about Tumblr. I vaguely remember seeing Tumblr mentioned in an article and realizing it’s how I think in a blog format. I like how easy it is to use and the wide range of people a blog can reach, therefore: mohinilal.tumblr.com

-How you found out about Tumblr and why you made one

— Eleven

an old one, but a great one of Dylan, Tony, and I in the summer of ‘07. it should be heartbreaking, but Dylan looks so goofy, all I can do is laugh. love you, Dylan. I hope you found your way to somewhere you belong.

-Another picture of you and your friends

— Ten

Starstruck - Lady GaGa
Little Pieces - Gomez

Nighttime - The XX
Nikki - The Dream
Walk Away - Five Finger Death Punch

Sorrow - Flyleaf
Into the Airwaves - Jack’s Mannequin
CMYK - James Blake

The Fame - Lady GaGa
Take Me On The Floor - The Veronicas
Long Way 2 Go - Cassie

FMLYHM - Seether
Forgotten - Avril Lavigne
On To The Next One - Jay-Z

-Songs you listen to when you are Happy, Sad, Bored, Hyped, Mad.

— Nine

well, I’ve been pretty responsible. got a bank account, turned in my AU work. also, I beat Alex up. that was kind of cool.

- Something you’re proud of in the past few days

— Eight

this month ends in four days, but my goals are:

finish my AUC paper on civil rights and terrorism because I paid several hundred dollars for that credit

get my loan award so I can afford college without bankrupting my parents

go to the doctor and get this crazy mess I call my body checked out

get a dye-job/haircut since my bangs are long and uneven, and I’m tired of being a brunette

-short term goals for this month and why

— Seven

these are my parents. between his silence and her compensation, they’ve had the biggest impact anyone could have on another person: as parents, as a couple, as people, they illustrate how two distinct people can work as a unit (for better or for worse).

-A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you

— Six

I used to be all about the Batman. A rich man who decides, “Fuck, this city is ugly. I’m going to BEAUTIFY this shit?" He is my kind of hero, and if he pulls this decision off in spandex and a cap with pointy ears? That just furthers my respect.
Then Christian Bale went and destroyed that for me. He destroyed it all to pieces.
Robert Downey, Jr. has brought back my love of rich men who decide to alter their environments. He ups the game, though, because while Batman only guards Gotham… Iron Man guards the entirety of the United States. Plus, damn that character is sexy. Smart-talking, slutty, brilliant, and wealthy? If I can’t marry Tony Stark, I want to be him.

— Five

Higgins Lake, MI

-A picture of somewhere you’ve been to.