"...if not exactly a thing of beauty, certainly a joy forever."

Roses Red, Violets Blue
— who needs sleep when there are British people to watch

spoilers: it’s me, it’s totally me

oh god I think I’m forgetting how to type

also I might hurl

I should probably start sleeping regularly

— Y’all, before today, I don’t think I’ve ever really had a ship.

Tonight, that all changes.

(also, this gif is definitely from an episode I haven’t seen yet, but I love it because it gives me hope)

my god, if the actress playing Mary so much as brushed a hand on my sleeve, I would burst out of character and throw her down right there.

— Harriet Jones and Minerva McGonagall going at it:

how was I not already watching this show?

"You’re a darling. But you see, I’m not as sad as I should be, and that’s what makes me sad."
Downton Abbey, S1E1


6 times i was genuinely confused when the girls didn’t get together