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— You know you’ve made it to the big leagues when porn sites start to “like” your posts. My blogging friends outside of Tumblr have no idea…


Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE blogging on Tumblr but when any site that is named after a graphic body part starts liking my posts - not good because I have to waste my time blocking and reporting them. People of all ages young and not so young (sorry mom) read my blog! Can’t Tumblr figure out that when a site is named vaginagalore it probably isn’t about photography, art, crafts, LOL posts? I mean really…

Tumblr doesn’t disallow naked bodies, and there are actual real people who run those sites and collect nude images because they like them just as much as you like DIY and crafts. I mean, Katie West does self-nudes, and she’s got one of the biggest followings on Tumblr just as much for her wit and kindness as for her photos. It’s just as rude for you to write them off and even block them because they dared to even like your posts (I mean, for real? It’s not like that’s equivalent to them somehow being able to post pornography on your own page, and if you are that horrified by the url “vaginagalore” being buried in your notes, you are too immature for the internet) as it would be for them to go, “Can’t Tumblr figure out that when a blog is named truebluemeandyou, it’s just some dumb DIY and craft collection that belongs on Pinterest or some site specific to that sort of thing?” Hell, Tumblr used to have an erotica section, looooong before it had DIY. It’s weird you think that because they no longer catalog the erotica, it shouldn’t be here.

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    Tumblr doesn’t disallow naked bodies, and there are actual real people who run those sites and collect nude images...
  3. russianh0okers said: only people who are ashamed of their own bodies shame others for liking what they have naturally.
  4. daftandchildish said: I’d like to see if any porn tumblrs like this post. XD
  5. stevebuscumi said: because pornography can be as much of an art as anything else can be. the human body is beautiful, sex is beautiful. there’s nothing wrong with these blogs.
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