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melanist replied to your post: oh so Juno was about ready to fuck the man in the…

I didn’t see it as he left his wife for Juno so much as he was a ephebophilic man-child with no real attachments to the people around him. like, one of those dudes in movies with fetish for submissive women from other cultures kind of guy.


I was thinking about it that way cause of the part where he’s dancing with Juno and he tells her that he’s leaving his wife and Juno freaks and he’s like “I thought you would be happy about this…what have you been coming over here for anyway”

Yeah I don’t think Juno was ever really putting it out there, but homie was just happy to be getting attention from a woman. Even if she was basically a child.

I think we can all just agree that that entire character was a skeaze. He started off as being the more casual counterpoint to what seemed like a tight-assed character, but quickly showed the man-child stripes. It was actually one of the best parts of the plot to me (what little plot there was, around all the cutesy bizarre slang), because it explains Juno’s decision to still let Vanessa adopt the baby because Vanessa is so stiff because she is an adult with conception issues and a history of bad luck with adoption.

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