"...if not exactly a thing of beauty, certainly a joy forever."

Roses Red, Violets Blue

White YA, I am DONE with you. You can take Victoria Foyt and continue with your mayonnaise-circle-jerk, because this whole thing where kids of color are either the wise old sidekick or the minstrel show or the evil villain in your own personal fantasy is way beyond old. 

White friends who read YA, if that’s legitimately how you see the people of color around you: as an exotic supporting cast for your life, walk your mouse up to right and unfriend me, because I’m not about that life.

If I don’t see prominent authors and bloggers (yeah, John Green, I am definitely talking about you) standing up against this “pearls” bullshit, it’ll only confirm what we all already knew: y’all will stand up for your own, but not for kids of color who need your help.

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