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Oum Khartoum: arielnietzsche: Studies show that 54% of Asian kids get bullied, be it…


Studies show that 54% of Asian kids get bullied, be it physically, mentally, or emotionally. That is astoundingly higher than the national average of 20% of children. That means that 1 out of very 2 Asian man you know, has been bullied before in his life. That’s nuts! And it’s more than the bullying crisis that gay/homosexual teens face, but has gotten all the news coverage and support from the celebrities.

But more than that, going back to Private Danny Chen (where it was just recently announced that one of his attackers was only getting 30 days of jail-time) and the military, Asian Americans in the military have the HIGHEST SUICIDE RATE of any group or ethnicity (“Soldiers of Asian descent have dramatically higher suicide rates than other racial groups. Their risk is double or triple that of other soldiers, and four times higher in the war zone.”). Let me repeat that: the ASIANS HAVE THE HIGHEST SUICIDE RATE IN THE MILITARY.

Danny Chen has called a “gook,” “chink,” “dragon lady” and unfortunately he didn’t know how defend himself or stand up for himself against these racists that might have made the bullies back down. A lot of it has to do with how we’re raising our children and the fact that we’re such an easy target for people to take out their racist, prejudiced beliefs.

In fact, there was a school that had so many racist bullying events and the Asian Americans feared so much for their safety that they had to stage a strike and REFUSE to go to school. Yes, Asians refusing to go to school until the American establishment could guarantee their safety. We are the most prone group to be targeted by bullies and racists.


Another study shows that an overwhelming 99% of Filipinos have been victims of racism in the past year, but that the majority of them decided to take action about it by either standing up for themselves or reporting it to authorities. After doing so, they too, just like I did, felt a new sense of confidence and self-worth. By taking action, they felt better about themselves as a person.

The Racist Bullying Crisis: Why 54% of Asian American Children Are Targeted by Bullies

You know, what aggravates me is that in fact, it is true we are succeeding in colleges and universities—education in general, but the fact that we have done plenty to be at least named or at least give fame in American history. Like no one gives a rotten shit about Luce–Celler Act of 1946; nor gave a shit about Indian slaves that were brought here (a few) to work by the British. It’s rather stereotypical to think that all Asians are smart, or that they have more privilege in college. As a person of Asian descent, I need that college degree in order to help my family back in India. The fact that we have to work our asses off for credits and scores, we have no privilege for it. The worst thing to hear from a white dude is that we are stealing their jobs, which I’m sure all Asians deal with it; excuse this is not privilege, but rather than we worked our asses off. Labour (mental or physical) =/= Privilege.

I mean, Asian Americans in general are ignored and no one brings them up; we are no longer a minority anymore. As the percentage of Asians in America is increasing, so is the rate of discrimination that Asian face. It’s disgusted and appalling to using the term “Asian privilege”. We have no privilege; trust me, millions of Asian immigrants had no privilege when they were trying to escape from their lands to come here, only to find themselves being exploited by labour, then realize that education is the only way to “succeed”.

I’ve mentioned this a dozen times before but Asian young women have one of the highest suicide rates and the whole ‘they are great at school!’ thing disappears for all immigrants after 1-2 generations. Asians who do not have immigrant parents have the same average GPA as most other Americans.

Wait, wait wait. I can’t believe OppressedBrownGirls let this slide. Asians do have privilege. We don’t have privilege over White folks in the US, but we certainly have privilege over other ethnicities in many circumstances. Light-skinned Asians have shade privilege over darker ones. East Asians have privileges over South Asians. And hell, East or South, none of us are getting gunned down in the streets en masse on a regular, historical basis like Black POC.
This is appalling, and shows that Asians are oppressed as POC and are suffering under a racist system, but that doesn’t mean we have no privilege as Asians. We have it, and we exert it regularly: when we’re shadeist; when we’re anti-black; when we’re classist; when we’re misogynist; when we reinforce stereotypes used against us on each other, etc. This is indicative of the harm racism and whiteness have on Asian kids and soldiers, not of some overarching lack of all privilege we have. Bankuei says it better than I on multiple occasions.

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